Barry has been playing music since he was nine.  He is the lead guitar player in the group and also provides background vocals as well as playing the rhythm guitar.  Barry is one of the song-writers in the group and has received contract offers from Nashville for two songs that he has written.


Barry has performed in many groups over his musical career.  His specialty is Classic Rock and Country.  He also spent years as a music teacher, teaching guitar, bass, and piano.


Barry also owns the Big Dog Recording studio, where he spends time recording songs by Avenue G as well as for the public.


Davy is the bass player in the group and he too has played music all of his life. He is also a background singer in the group and specializes in the Classic Rock songs. As an accomplished bass player, he can play all types of music from Country to Funk.


LaTonya is the keyboard player in the group. She provides the piano, horns, flutes and strings for the songs. In addition to playing the piano and synthesizer, she plays alternate percussion for the band.

          Jared is the youngest in the group, but he certainly is not short on talent. He excels as a drummer in all genres of music including the 40's big band era, jazz, funk, country, and classic rock. He has performed for four years in the high school marching and jazz bands. Jared has studied under accomplished musicians since he was nine both locally and also in Nashville from the drummer for Montgomery Gentry.
    Brandon is an accomplished guitar player and excels in classic rock and jazz music. Brandon is the lead singer in the group.      
          Alex is an accomplished guitar and bass guitar player and he also excels in classic rock and jazz music. Alex is an advisor to the group as well as the sound engineer.




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